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Those who have read the eulogy given for Jamie at her funeral service (titled “Jamie’s gift to me”) are aware of the need in me for Jamie’s death not to have been in vain. It appears as though my fear of her dying becoming a “here today – gone tomorrow” gory headline may well be coming true. The police have not found the person who did this to Jamie. Two months have passed and for all practical purposes, time goes on. For most of the world, life goes on unchanged. For those of us who loved Jamie, the world is now a different place. But will it be a BETTER place? Not because of her death, but in spite of it.

Amazingly, this website has had almost 1000 hits in two months. I often wonder what impact it has on those who visit it. My plea to “Pay it Forward” is, I hope, being heard. And yet I wonder. . . What do people do with the information given to them? Are people “Paying it Forward”? Have lives been somehow changed? Are we overcoming evil with good?

At the bottom of this website is a link to “email Jamie’s mom” – which is me. I’d like to know if our challenge is being heard. I’d like to know how … and if …. people are paying it forward in their own lives. I’d also like to be able to share with those who visit this website just how others are responding to the challenge. And I won’t ask others to do what I am not doing myself. One of my pay-it-forwards is the establishment of the scholarship fund. And I hope to be able to ask the recipient of those monies to pay it forward as well. Yet, the “Pay It Forward’s” don’t need to be large. Paying the toll for the person behind you on the tollroad can be an unexpected kindness. There are so many ways to pass it on.

I realize that while the concept of paying it forward is simple – people may not know how to put it into action. I recently read a wonderful little book called “the Difference a Day Makes – 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 Hours … by Karen M. Jones. You might want to take a look at it to see some of the wonderful ideas Ms. Jones has that can easily be pay-it-forward ideas. There is also a website – – that you may enjoy.

I’d like to know how – and if – our website dedicated to our love for Jamie has affected you. (Yes, YOU – the person reading these words right now ….)


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